Den Hemmelige Skogen
an eco friendly children's steam punk entertainment concept.
"Den Hemmelige Skogen" or The Secret Forest is an eco friendly children's entertainment concept, originally meant to become a musical theatre play in Kristiansand dyrepark... 

14 songs, a childrens book and detailed costume and scenography sketches has been produces.

Originaly produces by Hemmelig AS © 2011. Original concept by: Ole Tellefsen og Kristian Landmark. Music producer: Marius Christiansen. Art Direction: Thomas Fosseli

All concept art and illustrator for this project was produced by me. 
The first video is a short previz of the concepts in motion.
Character designs:
Original stage design placed in a theatre tent
Consepts and Illustrations for animation:
Early presentation with alternative scene and park area:
Possible international vertion. 

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